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A celebration of the human spirit and of rising above adversity


After September 11 is a moving novel about loss and recovery, and finding a way forward even when the world appears to be crumbling around you.

Against the backdrop of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Jack struggles to accept that his wife, Stephanie, has been diagnosed with cancer. Faced with the prospect of losing her and caring for their eleven-year-old daughter Alice on his own, he stumbles.

As Stephanie bravely fights her illness she tries to map out a future for her husband and daughter. But surgery and treatments prove fruitless. When her brother and sister-in-law arrive to provide support Jack is suspicious of their motives. A tug of war ensues for Alice’s affections with Jack determined not to lose her, even as his daughter’s rebellion erupts. In the midst of this upheaval he receives another devastating blow that shakes him to his core.

Despite his troubles, Jack inches his way forward until he and Alice forge a closer bond. Together they learn to rebuild their lives, accepting the past while looking expectantly to the future in an uplifting finale.

This contemporary novel explores the emotional minefields within families and the ways lives can be repaired after trauma.



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