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Remote Australia, 1916. Stella Winterson wants nothing more than to be with Jasper Reynolds but she is thwarted at every turn by her father’s tyrannical rule. When her father banishes her to an isolated guest house without Jasper knowing, the young man recklessly enlists to fight in the Great War, Stella devastated when she hears of it.

Engrossing and heartfelt, Harvest reveals the extraordinary impact war has on the lives it touches. Fortunes twist and turn on the home and battle fronts, and tragedies hit hard. As Jasper witnesses the horror of the Western Front, Stella’s intended punishment reveals an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile tensions are ignited among the local townsfolk who struggle with loyalty to their country when faced with losing a generation of young men.

Brilliantly executed and seamlessly written, Harvest is the ultimately uplifting story of finding love and courage in the depths of despair, and of harnessing the strength to never give up on who or what you believe in.

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