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On a wet winter’s night in 1967, Harry and Diane Colston are killed when their car collides with a freight train near the small town of Mitchell. But from the outset Senior Sergeant Lloyd Cole thinks it might be more than a tragic accident.

Enlisting the help of his new constable, Christine Sheridan, Cole investigates the dead couple’s past and discovers that more than a few people had an axe to grind with the Colstons.

Untangling the Colstons’ messy dealings leads Cole to neighbouring farmers and their grievances, horse and cattle traders, the town’s illegal bookmaker and his sidekicks, the wealthy Kinross family, Harry Colston’s hairdresser sister and his wife’s down at heel family. And the waters are further muddied when he realises Sheridan is getting too close to one of the main suspects in his investigation.

As he finds family pitted against family, and sees that money drives everyone’s ambitions, an attack aimed at him makes him realise that someone doesn’t appreciate him trying to find out what really happened to the Colstons.

And when the past reaches out to strangle the present, and Cole finally understands the truth about how and why the Colstons died, he uncovers the most shocking revelation of all.


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